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Manuel Garcia

CEO at ORFEO MUSIC ONLINE. Managing Director / Producer / Composer / Studio Engineer.

Manu García is a composer, producer and pianist with more than 15 years of professional experience in studio work in many styles such as pop, classical composition, hiphop, and in electronic music as UNER, a project for which he is recognized internationally, obtaining a large number of national and international awards for his music.

Classical pianist and conservatory musician, specialist in scoring and chamber music composition, he puts all his musical knowledge in accordance with his career in electronic music and creates a unique sound mixing the best of classical music with the most modern sounds and synthesizers to get his sound so personal. Amongst other works he has directed the complete soundtrack of the Polish drama “DJ” ( based on the life of an electronic music artist) with more than 52 original songs.

Viviana Toscanini

Studio manager

Daughter of renowned Uruguayan musician and composer, music runs through her blood from an early age. Influenced by Latin rhythms, Viviana develops most of her musical career in the United States. Currently, from her studio near New York, she focuses her career on the production of electronic music (amongst other top-level projects) together with the management of different projects.

Marco Torres

Manager / Director / Artists & Repertory

As an Economist from the Universidad de los Andes, located in Merida, Venezuela, and given his academic and practical knowledge, he has proceeded interacting at professional guilds, holding positions as an organizational and economic-financial analyst for different companies.

He has commonly been found working in the show business and experiential / cultural activities of various kinds, as well as a PR consultant, production and marketing manager, radio host, assistant for the film and television industry, as well as handling commercial and administrative relationships with artists and talents, consumer products, and human resource strategies and sales.


Andreas Allen

Studio Engineer / Composer / Artists & Repertory / Marketing

He has developed his career as artist team development at the prestigious VIRGIN music company. Subsequently, he has specialized in developing campaigns for the most prestigious international musicians such as Radiohead, Jamiroquai, Björk …

After releasing ROCASOUND, where he mixes and works with major labels, he has earned a Grammy’s nomination for “writer / producer” for his work with Viktor Duplaix’s “Make a Baby” single.

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