About us

We build emotions with music and sound.


Our dedication is music in all of its facets. That is why at ORFEO you will find the ways to give the soul and the necessary distinctive touch to your project. We will always find the best way to satisfy all your needs.

We are at your disposal to walk together.

How was Orfeo Music and Audio Production born?

After working in the music industry for many years, whether as artists, composers, engineers, musicians or managers, we decided to create ORFEO to offer the Audiovisual industry a different, original product of the highest quality and always with personality to help bring musical production to a new level.

What makes Orfeo Music different?

Our team of professionals and a totally personalized product are our greatest asset!

What is our why?

Our goal is to satisfy all the musical needs that our clients may require. We have great recognition from companies in the sector, since we always work with the best network of professionals.

Our vision

Si has dado  con nuestra web es porque estas buscando un producto diferente y excelente. Te contamos porque elegirnos:

sobre nosotros

Made to measure

At ORFEO we will write/create original music or audio to any type of audiovisual project.We will help you bring your images to life.


Our team is made up of internationally recognized professionals in the music industry. From the creator of Orfeo, UNER, through all the producers within our team, we have a great cast of professionals who are specialists in studio production.

Artists who have worked with well-known musicians in all musical fields, from Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, Jamiroquai, Björk, Sting to Pablo Alborán, Dover or Chucho Valdés to name a few, as well as renowned producers within electronic music.

We know who to work with at all times to always obtain the best product. We have carried out many projects for the Audiovisual industry, from commercials and televisionto the total production of the soundtrack of films or music composition for video games.

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