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About us

Production and online and face-to-face support that will help you realize your artistic vision in all phases.


There was a day when we were also inexperienced and we started our musical careers and learned to build our entire production environment, that is why today we give you all the options to make it easy for you and with us by your side find the best path in your career without excuses or limita-tions.

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We are at your disposal to walk together, from the point you decide.

How was Orfeo music born?

about us

After many years working in the music industry as artists and agents, managing an international career, we feel that it is time to give production a new level with online support. It is something that we wish was available when we were starting out.

What differentiates Orfeo Music?

about us

From this wish Orfeo Music Online was born, with the clear intention of bringing high-level profes-sional music production and support to artists and companies with a specific objective such as the ease of choosing the most personalized product and being able to work together even in person online at any time from the comfort of your studio, office, home, hotel …

What is our why?

about us

Orfeo Music online is created with the intention of offering support and a high quality product at all levels, from and anywhere in the world, putting the entire decision in the hands of the client.

Our vision

If you have found our website it is because you are looking for a different and excellent product. We tell you why choose us:

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We create a team

Working as a team is much easier. In addition, when your team is made up of artists and profession-als in the element you want to enhance, you develop to another level.

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For you

Finally a product that adapts to what you really need, of high level and perfect to project your fu-ture. In this way you will be much more effective than until now.

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You choose

We know that you have many things to do in your career, that is why we give you all the the possibilities and facilities so that you can organize your time together with us. Now is the time to take the next step!

Who will work with you?

The cast of professionals is made up of accredited professionals and backed by the result of their work in the music industry over the years, including musicians, engineers, managers, artists … who will be at your disposal to work together on your product, or develop your career, solve doubts, or improve your techniques to improve the final result of your product.

We begin to develop your future.

We are by your side to give you support and professionalism at every step and at the time you need, regardless of the level you are at.