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Mixdown and Analog Summing

We will work to find the best sound to be able to build the best product for you.

A well balanced mix, where all the sounds and elements have their lead-ing role and appear in the right place and time, gives music a unique personality. All passed by an analog summing, the sound still acquires a more organic concept.


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Why work Mix and Analog Sum with Orfeo? 

We work with the best sound engineers that we have met in our entire careers. Engineers used to working with many different styles, including mix artists used to mixing Hollywood soundtracks.

We will always look for the best quality and we will even propose the necessary changes to your music, on a technical level (never on a crea-tive level) in order to reach the best possible result.

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For what type of clients / artists is Mix and Analog Sum targeted?

This product is designed for any type of client. You can choose if you want just the mix or want to go through an analog adder as well. You choose the value and the quantity and we give the maximum perfor-mance to be able to give you the best final result and that your sound reaches an excellent level.

How will a Mix and Analog Sum help me in my evolution?

Good sound is important right now in the music industry. But it is also very important to know in which terrain we are moving. A good sound in rock is not the same as a good sound in electronic music or in classical. We have specialists in all areas and we will help your sound stand out the moment you or anyone listens to it.

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How do we work with this specialty? 

Depending on whether you choose Mix only or also Summing, we will ask for your elements in a different way. Once we have the material we need, we will put it in our DAW, we will check that everything is fine and we will work on a first mix to review together.

From there, we will make the necessary changes and then deliver the final mix as you imagine it in your mind.

Boost your talent as a music producer

Select from the 10 elements that we put at your disposal and create your personalized course based on what you want to improve.

FAQS. What is Orfeo Music Online?

  • Is it an online production studio?

    It is an online production studio, but also a fully customized distance or face-to-face production where producers and professionals are in contact with you at all times in order to develop the best final result for you, as well as advise you on your career and teach you all the techniques you need. There is no mass production but absolutely personalized music.

  • For what type of artists is this product designed?

    For all types of artists. Whether you are already a professional, or if you are just starting out, or if you want to improve your sound or your career and take it to the next level, as well as learn how to do it.

  • What are the requirements for us to work together?

    Only certain technical requirements, very simple, that we will set up together when you decide to work with us and more importantly the desire to work and improve.

  • Are individual productions totally personalized? And the mentoring?

    Absolutely. We do not sell pre-produced music, we work off of your ideas to make it a custom product for you . And we only teach you what you want to learn.

  • Do I need to have my own studio?

    It is not absolutely necessary since we work in our own studios. But it is advisable to have a com-puter with internet connection if you want the online production.

  • How can I book productions, mentoring, or classes with you?

    You just have to click on the reserve button and from there we will contact you directly.We will guide you with everything else. And if you want personalized classes you just have to click on the Masterclass link and it will redirect you to our private online classes profile.

  • What are the price range and what types of payments do you accept?

    There are different price ranges that you will see in the details of each product and payment is made through Paypal or Bank Transfer, invoiced from a Spanish company.

  • Will I receive any receipt for my payment?

    Absolutely, you will receive a legal payment invoice, with its rates corresponding to each country.

  • Will I receive a degree upon completion of a course?

    We cannot provide any academic degree since we are a private online school. But really your career and your knowledge are what will endorse you out there.

  • What happens if I cannot be present in an online production or mentoring on the day that it has been reserved?

    You should notify in advance, provided it is not an urgent personal matter. If not notified correctly in the case of mentoring, that required time will be lost.

  • Can I purchase a production process, or a mentoring or a course to someone other than me?

    Of course. Anyone can purchase any package